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End-to-End Support for Poison Centre Notifications Within Your SAP ERP
EHS Product Notification for Poison Centres (PCN)
byopesus AG
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Benefits and Features
Protect Your Confidential Mixture Formulations
Built-in randomize algorithm of the PCN ruleset converts compositions into ranges that are compliant with the regulation. Generate different UFIs for products with the same formulation or for various legal entities. Generic product identifiers (GPI) are supported too.
Generate and Keep Track of Unique Formula Identifiers (UFI) in SAP
Generate UFI in SAP for your own products and store UFIs from suppliers, especially for mixture-in-mixture scenarios. PCN ruleset checks if changes in product or formulation requires a new UFI. See which UFI is used for which market placement.
Efficiently Manage Poison Centre Notifications with Automation
Submit PCN dossiers directly from your SAP ERP to ECHA Submission Portal via system-to-system (S2S) integration. Integrate creation and submission of PCN dossiers in your business process. For example, the release of safety data sheets as trigger to automatically create PCN dossier.
Search Affected Mixtures
Easily identify mixtures that require a poison centre notification (PCN) submission with the built-in search. Only mixtures classified for health and physical hazards are affected by the regulation.
System-to-System Submission to ECHA
Send dossiers directly from your SAP ERP system to the ECHA Submission Portal. This way, your data flows directly from your system to the authorities and does not reside in an additional "holding" solution.
Built-In Validation Checks
The built-in validation checks identifies data gap, ensures that the dataset is correct, and checks that structural requirements of data are fulfilled. If an error occurs, the application log guides you to identify issues easily.
Configurable Process Automation
Reduce manual work with process automation. For example, automate the creation of poison centre notifications (PCN) with the release of safety data sheets. Integrate PCN into existing business processes.
More Features
Plans and Pricing
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All Plans include
Generate unique formula identifiers (UFI) within your SAP system
Submit dossiers via system-to-system integration with ECHA Submission Portal
Protect your mixture formulas with randomizer algorithm
opesus EPN for EU PCN Format
Price upon request
opesus EPN for EU PCN Format
Manage your poison centre notifications from within your SAP EH&S
Includes pre-configured process automation features that you can activate
Out-of-the-box customizing to fit your existing business processes
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
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