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Integrate, Ingest, Insight, Inform & Intervene
Open Health Connect
byDXC Technology
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Benefits and Features
Achieve faster time to value
Use OHC’s modern technology to aggregate data. Create an open, interoperable, agile platform environment, connecting existing assets and legacy data. Achieve rapid innovation using an open platform that delivers value with an aggressive time cycle, and get started quickly with no rip-and-replace.
Integrate disparate data
Create an integrated digital care record and/or a consolidated data lake allowing you to cross-link information and derive new insights, using structured and unstructured information, IoT wearable medical devices, and more.
Share data in a secure way
Enable care coordination and Population Health Management through Open Health Connect’s support for clinical networks and multidisciplinary team collaborations.
OHC addresses the digital health challenge of enabling the flow of complex and fragmented data from disparate applications. It simplifies the effort of managing high volumes of complex data with a robust, scalable and flexible integration module. HL7, FHIR and others.
OHC Integrated Record provides a single store for ingestion of data aggregated from across multiple source systems where the data is normalised to an industry standard, FHIR canonical format as well as being mapped to standardised terminology sets such as SNOMED-CT, ICD and LOINC.
OHC enables analysis on the data held in its Integrated Record. Through the Analytics Workbench module, it supports investigative analysis, including trend, anomaly and cohort identification. Our Insights Workbench and other OHC components enable rules-based insight generation.
OHC API Director supports rapid creation of information-rich applications while governing and controlling access to patient data. It provides enterprise security, metering, billing and policy enforcement and can aggregate data from multiple back-end systems simplifying development of applications.
More Features
Plans and Pricing
Price upon request
Infrastructure – pricing based on provider selection, sizing, services and choice to run and/or operate
Integrate – pricing based on data mapping processes, number of source fields, number of target fields
Ingest – pricing based on data cleanliness, number of data formats and data stores, and tagging requirements
Insight – pricing based on connected AI partners, workflow and generation requirements (human or digital)
Inform – pricing based on requirements for notifications, analytics, dashboards and visualisations of insights
Intervene – pricing based on number of trigger events, extent of clinical decision support and complexity of rules engine configuration
Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
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