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Saas technology for Skills Management
eLamp - Skill Data for Business
byeLamp SAS
Solution Types
Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central
Benefits and Features
Identify and manage, in real time, all the data available
Centralize all data sources to have an objective view of the skill levels within your organization, and manage multiple repositories thanks to bottom-up approach.
Enter a much deeper analysis of the skills and knowledge of your employees
eLamp can absorb any type of data to match your operational language, making sure the generated profiles are optimized for your managers and processes. This data can be treated for any process: to match employees with a mission, employees with jobs, with trainings courses, jobs with jobs, etc.
Integrate skill data into your operational processes
You will able to use eLamp as a smart data translator, to reconcile HR and Business Operations around a skills marketplace that meets everyone's challenges.
Staffing & Resources Planning
Create your projects and define your needs, assign in real time your ressources, find the best profile based smart research. Plan your incoming needs of resources, optimize the projects planning and your employees' workload. Anticipate the competencies on which to invest based on projects trends.
Accreditation Management & Training plan
Provide your managers with a centralized dashboard to monitor the habilitations of their teams and to be alerted of the actions they need to take. Dynamically manage the competencies that needs to be maintained according to employees' roles and positions, as well as related workflows.
Strategic Workforce Planning
Real-time identification and mapping of rare and critical skills: compare your resources pool to your business needs at each level of your organization (skills, activities, jobs...). Highlight critical jobs and skills and define action plans to make sure your resources pool meets your strategy.
Assessment & Performance
Give autonomy to your local managers and experts to set and maintain their operational and technical skills bases and assessment processes, and automatically update evaluation forms with operational expectations. Give responsibility to employees in their performance review and objectives.
More Features
Plans and Pricing
Skill data platform
Price upon request
Skill data platform
Enriched employees profile (hard and soft skills, abilities, trainings, habilitations...)
Employee web & mobile application to fill and manage their profile
Semantic & IA-based algorithms to automatically fill employees' profiles
Skills Master interface to visualize and manage internal & external skills bases
Web services API, SuccessFactors sync. on Employee, Skills and Jobs
Staffing & Resources planning
Price upon request
Staffing & Resources planning
Multi-criteria profile search, based on skills & staffing wishes
Project planning based on resources needs and employees assignments
Resources allocation optimization: per BU, teams, customers...
Workforce planning: compare your resources pool to your business needs
Employees engagement: projects marketplace & projects feedback
Generate customized resumes and documents for your customers
Operational skills management
Price upon request
Operational skills management
Team dashboards: agregated views and reporting of the skills of a team, business units..
Goal & Performance: gap analysis tool and objectives definition
Training: plug trainings to skills and detect most relevant trainings for your teams
Certification & Habilitation: monitor certifications status, alerts on expiration...
Assessment: plan evaluations, organize 360 assessment campaigns
Career & mobility: find the best job position matching employees' skills, push job offers to relevant candidates
Skills analysis: skills mapping at every scale, critical skills detection, skills reviews...
Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central
eLamp SAS
eLamp is a software publisher specialized in generating and exploiting skill data, in order to help companies optimize their resources. Since 2015, eLamp has gained the trust of its clients with their data management, often plugged to SAP solutions and...
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