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Give AI impact with business-friendly predictive analytics
Automated Predictive Analytics Platform
Solution Types
APIs and Technical Components
Works with
SAP Commerce
Benefits and Features
Save time
Pecan delivers predictions 10x faster than any alternative—days, not weeks—while ensuring accuracy and detection. The capability of delivering fast modeling enables making better decisions to improve retention and revenue.
Identify savings and revenue opportunities
Pecan is more affordable than any alternative predictive platform due to its proprietary automation, and vastly more cost effective compared to outsourced data science. Pecan results forecast actual dollars you’ll save or make.
Deploy ML at scale
Pecan gives your organization actionable machine learning capabilities at scale across several use cases that may not have benefitted from ML capabilities yet, namely in the domains of customer and sales analytics.
Data Builder
Includes data restructuring, external enrichment, encoding and cleansing, imputation, and feature selection and engineering. Pecan connects to the different data sources available for the customer (internal to the company and external data enrichments) and automates the data preparation process.
Data Modeling
Includes AI algorithms, AI visualization, and AI evaluation. Pecan provides an automated modeling platform enabling users with high performing AI predictive models on their key business processes, and improving their key KPIs.
Predictive Action
Includes impact evaluation and monitoring. Pecan enables users to evaluate and monitor the impact of predictions in order to ensure reaching the highest value from the predictive analytics process.
Plans and Pricing
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All Plans include
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Price provided upon request
Predictive analytics use case
Price upon request
Predictive analytics use case
The Pecan platform is composed of modules with pre-defined, editable, pre-defined predictive models for each use-case. Pricing is per module
Pecan automated predictive analytics platform
Price upon request
Pecan automated predictive analytics platform
Pricing is per use case. For each use case offering, a user can create predictive models based on the template of that use case (churn, LTV, etc)
Includes 1 Use case module
Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • APIs and Technical Components
Works with
  • SAP Commerce
Pecan grants teams the power to leverage data with AI and drive impact in new and better ways. Pecan's automated predictive analytics platform enables teams to generate actionable predictions and insights in record time, does not require data prep and ...
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