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Intelligence to set the maintenance plan date for exactly the right time
Annual Estimate Review
byPM Eleven
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Benefits and Features
Ensures Accurate Maintenance Plan Call Dates
Inaccurate Annual Estimates are exposed ensuring that work is planned and executed at the optimal time. This creates a legacy of equipment data that can be trusted when used for future analysis
Reduces the risk of under or over servicing
Servicing equipment sooner than is needed is wasted effort where resources could of been redeployed to other value add activities. Servicing equipment too late runs the risk of equipment failure and can be a very costly exercise. We can help you find that sweet spot between the two
Promotes trust in your data and processes
Maintenance Planners gain visibility to key information driving work execution dates ensuring their time is maximized and focused on the right things at the right time. When you can trust your data and processes, gains in productivity and safety are a natural outcome
Determine Variance at a Glance and Action
Annual Estimate and Actual Usage data is displayed on one screen. The percentage variance between these two readings is also displayed enabling quick analysis of real world Equipment performance versus estimations. Annual Estimates can be updated in bulk directly from this screen.
Visualization of Past and Future Performance
Historical performance for both the Annual Estimate and actual Measurement Documents are graphically represented. Future predictions based on this historical data is also displayed, enabling real-time decisions regarding future maintenance intervals.
Group Measuring Points by Equipment Type
Easily group and retrieve equipment performance by equipment type (e.g. light vehicles, slurry pumps, dozers) via customizable variants which can be saved as independent tiles on your Fiori Home screen.
Plans and Pricing
Annual Estimate Review
Per Year+ USD 5000.00 Setup Fee
Annual Estimate Review
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Standard Edition
Price upon request
Standard Edition
Includes 1 site / instance / tenant
Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
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