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Connecting heterogeneous machines of any construction age
Solution Types
Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud
Benefits and Features
Digitize all your machines easily regardless of age with our universal interface
FORCAM FORCE™ EDGE enables fast and easy connections of heterogeneous machine parks. It does not matter whether these machines are intended for network operation or not. The signals are recorded, harmonized, and made available in a standardized way across all systems.
Compare heterogeneous machines on a uniform data layer
We translate your different machine signals to a universal language. This enables you to do standardized queries and easily connect applications and artificial intelligence.
Providing the data basis for the identification of optimization potentials
With our standardized interface, we provide the machine data for all your shop floor and top floor applications. This data supports higher-level improvement processes to make the right decisions efficiently.
Connect machines that are not network-compatible
The proven FORCAM IO Box enables you to digitally connect machines that the manufacturer never intended for network operation. Ensuring any machine park can upgrade to the latest software.
Connect all common machines
Support of manufacturer-specific control protocols, such as Siemens, Fanuc, or Heidenhain, to receive signals (process values such as temperature or quantity counter) and write parameters (including NC programs) of machine controls.
Connect machines that use NC programs
FORCAM FORCE™ EDGE can supply different machines with NC programs in a standardized way and call them up. It enables you to introduce an efficient document management system to the production, which ensures that the right program is available at the right time.
Support for all industry communication standards
No matter what kind of machines you have in your machine park, FORCAM FORCE™ EDGE supports all industry communication standards, including MQTT, OPC-UA, etc. Our advanced plugin architecture allows new communication standards to be integrated efficiently.
More Features
Plans and Pricing
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All Plans include
Software Licenses
Operated by FORCAM - Operational fees
Operated by any other partner - Operational fees will be charged by partner
Per Year
FORCAM is collecting & normalizing the data
FORCAM enables benchmarking across different units
FORCAM facilitates “continuous improvement” (Data-driven KVP)
FORCAM actively supports transformation of the shop floor
FORCAM permits a strong link between the shop floor and SAP’s Ecosystem
Setup Fee includes: Data and Signal Analysis (up to 30 signals) for one Workplace, Implementation proposal and Connecting one Workplace
Any additional services will be charged according to the then valid FORCAM Pricelist
Contract termination policies: Grace period of 30 days, Termination Fee 100% of the remaining, No cancellation is possible within the first 36 months
36 Month min. contract duration
Minimum Purchase VolumeA minimum purchase volume of 100 workplaces is required
Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud
FORCAM FORCE is the leading I4.0 solution provider in the production brownfield. The mission is to support manufacturing companies in the development process for Smart Factory. Our core competence in machine connectivity creates the necessary requireme...
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