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AI-based end-to-end AFC and antifraud risk management, with other applications.
IAML/ITE - Smart AFC, AML, and Anti-Fraud Revenue Protection
byDaric Inc
Solution Types
Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
SAP Payment Engine, SAP Business Partner Screening
Benefits and Features
Cost reduction
IAML reduces the cost of manual effort, error, and regulatory exposure associated with huge investigative volumes, lengthy enhanced due diligence, false positive alerts, and overlooked risks in a business relationship. It automates alert management and report generation, saving time and money.
Increases revenue
IAML integrates real-time risk management with business operations in SAP for Banking, enabling live risk intelligence to support business decisions and to serve clients better. Business receives real-time data to recommend cross-sell opportunities and strengthen a primary banking relationship.
Improves AML Risk Management
IAML eliminates false negatives and missed alerts while adapting to new scenarios and threats using a predictive, intelligence-driven approach. It reduces regulatory exposure with automated data quality improvement and reduction in human error
Automates onboarding and ongoing due diligence
IAML enables smart verifications and network screening for client due diligence. Capabilities include extraction and comprehension on unstructured documents or media. Onboarding and ongoing due diligence are more efficient through auto-discovery and auto-completion, integrated with real-time data.
Reviews real-time risks, such as adverse media
IAML analyzes real-time data sources for investigative and risk intelligence. The solution extracts and processes textual data from media to assess relevance. IAML enables the bank to assess a business relationship instantly by generating an auto-disposition.
Improves payment and transactional screening
IAML improves counterparty and client resolution to understand ML and fraud risks associated with a payment instantly Real-time analysis of invoices, vessels, goods, and other Transaction Banking components is supported. IAML also enables instant risk profiling of correspondent banking transactions.
Automates and optimizes alert management
IAML auto-dispositions alerts from rules-based systems to reduce the false positives associated with transactional surveillance. The solution creates alerts that identify new or evolving risk patterns. IAML also automates alert management with automated report generation.
Plans and Pricing
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All Plans include
IAML Transactional Surveillance and Alert Management
Global Banking 10.1
Per Year
Global Banking 10.1
Latest production version of the transaction surveillance module with standard enterprise support package
Includes 100 User
Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • SAP Payment Engine
  • SAP Business Partner Screening
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