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Gain new value from personal and sensitive business data while helping ensure it
SAP Data Mapping and Protection by BigID
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Benefits and Features
Maximize the value of your sensitive enterprise data
Scan and map sensitive data in files, relational databases, messaging systems, cloud platforms, API-integrated technology, unstructured file shares, data lakes, NoSQL databases, and middleware applications.
Automatically control and mitigate data risk
Facilitate and demonstrate compliance with regulations including the EU’s GDPR, California’s CCPA, and Brazil’s LGPD. You can better understand, assess, and mitigate risk of using personal data, while supporting the interests and demands of your customers in the experience economy.
Innovate with data while respecting increasingly stringent regulations
Safeguard data privacy and security while making the most of data to drive new business value. Locate sensitive data throughout the enterprise and identify its sources. Gain insights into geographic and data sovereignty concerns and find data moving among different countries and business entities.
Mapping of personal and business-sensitive data
Summarize the number of applications and data sources scanned and how those are distributed geographically. Highlight data entities considered to be at risk, graph risk trends over time, display categories of sensitive data and how many policies have been triggered.
Correlation of data to individuals or entities
Sophisticated machine learning and comprehensive functionality power a unified approach to protecting personal information and sensitive business data. Enables advanced discovery, classification, correlation and cataloguing of data at scale across multiple data stores and sources.
Extensive connectivity to diverse data stores
Leverage data across diverse data stores, both SAP and non-SAP, structured and unstructured. Increase visibility and powerful analytics for deeper understanding of data, so you can share trusted information and insights to improve decision-making across the enterprise and with ecosystem partners.
Advanced functionality to support regulations
Meet the requirements of existing and emerging regulations, including GDPR, CCPA and the Brazilian general data protection law (LGPD), among others. The application detects, locates, and maps personal data, as well as, importantly, the individual to whom data belongs.
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