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Predict customers' payment issues and prioritize collection efforts with AI!
Intelligent Collection Management
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SAP Analytics Cloud
Benefits and Features
Reduce overdue amounts and bad debts
Thanks to predictive payment dates and risks, you will be capable of anticipating customer payment issues and therefore, take the necessary actions well before the issues arise.
Improve operational efficiency
By understanding deep payment patterns, you can redefine work priorities and resource allocations. Predictions complete the picture and help cash collectors understanding where to focus and put their efforts in order to get the most impacts.
Improve cash accuracy
Predictive payment dates are aggregated into our Predictive Payment Forecast. This latter is compared to the Payment Forecast by due date. The truth lies between the 2 and provides both the cash manager and collector a more precise view on the cash to come in.
Assess your receivables portfolio
With the dashboard, you can quickly understand how your debt portfolio is segmented based on payment behaviors and risk types. You can also enrich the view with many additional/optional financial indicators that are relevant for your business.
Understand where the risks are
Customers at risk are highlighted and classified according to different typologies. A drill-down provides detailed information down to the lowest granular level. These typologies allow you to focus your efforts and those of your team where the impact will be most aligned with the strategy pursued.
Isolate customers with atypical behavior
You can define groups of attributes based on which any payment profile or risk type will be calculated (e.g. geography, business unit, product lines). These allow you then to compare the payment habits or the risk of your customers according to for each attribute and isolate specific patterns.
Forecast your cash using predictions
Predictive payment dates are computed for each invoice and aggregated into our Predictive Payment Forecast. This latter is compared to the Payment Forecast by due date. The gap between both is emphasized in order to let both the cash manager and the cash collector decide on the cash strategy.
More Features
Plans and Pricing
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All Plans include
Collection priority management
Alert system management
360° customer view
Customer risk type analysis and reporting
Customer payment behavioring and reporting
Predictive payment dates calculation and presentation
Contract Edition
Price upon request
Contract Edition
12 Month min. contract duration
Pilot in Production
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Proof of Concept
30 Day max. contract duration
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  • SAP Analytics Cloud
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