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Energy & Environment Portfolio Software Suite
byEvolution Energie
Solution Types
Extensions and Add-ons
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Benefits and Features
Reach the Highest Energy Management Standards
FLEXINERGY has been adopted by the largest European consumers and is integrated with SAP solutions. This software solution is part of the Greentech for B2B program.
Use a unique Front to back enterprise solution
Federate your organization around FLEXINERGY, an integrated energy and environment dedicated solution for a comprehensive and cost-efficient optimization.
Perform joint operations and portfolio management
Link operational management and financial constraints: market and metering data collection, assets forecasting and monitoring, balancing and flexibility, contracts, market operations and risk management can easily be performed together.
Monitor your metering data in real-time
Monitor the metering and emissions data from multiple assets at a local and global scale. Data can be handled in multiple ways and exported to Excel. Comprehensive geospatial and physical unit libraries are included.
Follow your energy contracts & billing
Set up contractual details: complex prices formulae, billing and transport details. Define the applicable pooling conditions for multiple sites contracts. Compute and check your bills, manage your invoicing workflow together with SAP Subscription billing solution.
Manage your front office and risk operations
Capture your deals and follow your PnL exposure. Implement automated actions, alerts and processes to comply with your corporate rules and strategies and optimize your profitability.
Manage your dispatching operations
Handle all types of balancing regimes for various transportation networks. Using strong AI capabilities, automatically balance your portfolio and save on your dispatching costs.
More Features
Plans and Pricing
Energy Manager Edition
Per Month+ USD 60000.00 Setup Fee
Energy Manager Edition
Pre-compute and check your energy bills
Set up and follow your energy contracts
Forecast your energy needs
Collect all your metering data from multiple sources : SCADA / TSO / DSO / Suppliers
Dispatching Center Edition
Per Month+ USD 120000.00 Setup Fee
Dispatching Center Edition
Collect imbalance costs
Set up your balancing regimes
Optimize your assets in line with balancing opportunities
Communicate with TSOs and DSOs in their IT langages (EDIGAS, EDIEL, XML…)
Pre-Compute your costs
Energy Trader Edition
Per Month+ USD 120000.00 Setup Fee
Energy Trader Edition
Get live market data: Montel / Reuters / Bloomberg / Argus / ICIS / European Central Bank
Simulate your strategy
Capture your deals
Handle your books
Compute and report your Mark-to-Market
Follow your PnL
Risk and Compliance Manager Edition
Per Month+ USD 120000.00 Setup Fee
Risk and Compliance Manager Edition
EMIR and REMIT reporting and workflows
Integrated Business Intelligence reports
Audit all the operations
Benchmark traders with pre-defined corporate strategies
Stress-Test your portfolio and books
Get automated alerts
Set up limits
Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • Industry Cloud
  • SAP Extension Suite and/or SAP Integration Suite
Evolution Energie
Evolution Energie is a software editor that provides a comprehensive multicommodity management solution. Together with SAP, it supports utilities, large corporations and cities in facing their energy and environment challenges. Evolution Energie is par...
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