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Free the Digital Marketing Team
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Extensions and Add-ons
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SAP Commerce Cloud
Benefits and Features
Create and evolve mobile first frontends for the API economy
Frontastic offers SAP customers excellent and trusted Frontend Service. Our API first focus in combination with our editor enables marketing and content managers to quickly and flexibly access data and processes from many different systems.
Be flexible with Tastics - Our customizable building blocks
Design and structure your pages with Tastics, our customizable building blocks to create, organize and update your pages. In our intuitive page editor, just drag and drop Tastics into your chosen page layout.
Empower your Marketing to be more independent and creative
With our intuitive Editor, your marketing team can work independently from your developers, gaining them freedom and flexibility. Your ideas and business goals become achievable with our flexible solution. Test new concepts with ease and constantly optimize based on market feedback.
Give Digital Teams more freedom
Improve page performance and SEO, ensure a great user experience, keep the site up to date without a lot of manual work, run the marketing calendar smoothly.
Create stable, value-adding solutions
Frontastic provides developers and agencies a development environment that enables them to create stable, value-adding solutions with auto scaling for their customers. We offer a robust, longterm API to agencies and system integrators to develop stunning custom solutions.
Make your frontend and the user experience easier
Frontastic has highest user experience and intuitive to use – therefore virtually no training needs. Just start! New device types are supported by Frontastic as well, e.g. Point of Sales devices or wearables. Or even new machine learning services.
Plans and Pricing
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All Plans include
All plans include guaranteed response times, 24/7 monitoring, multiple users, zero downtime deployment, guaranteed availability and so much more.
Frontastic Business Edition
Price upon request
Frontastic Business Edition
12 Month min. contract duration
Price upon request
Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • SAP Commerce Cloud
Since 2017 we’ve been shaking up the industry by radically putting the mobile experience first and driving innovation for the frontend, creating endless possibilities in the fight for clicks and eyeballs. We empower teams (yours and ours) with the righ...
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