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ONE Native DevOps Platform for SAP On Premise, CPI & Cloud Applications
ReleaseOwl for SAP Cloud
byReleaseOwl Private Limited
Solution Types
Extensions and Add-ons
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SAP Extension Suite and/or SAP Integration Suite
Benefits and Features
One native DevOps platform for both SAP on-premise and cloud applications
ReleaseOwl is the first ever Enterprise-grade Native DevOps Platform designed for SAP Applications. It supports devops workflows for automated packaging, deployments, testing, compliance and audit for your SAP landscape be it SAP On-premise, S/4 HANA Cloud and SAP Integration Suite.
5X faster Go-to-Market for your SAP Applications
Continuous delivery of Software is essential to meet the speed of the business today. With CI/CD pipelines that automate package, deploy, testing of SAP applications along with orchestrated workflows driving seamless collaboration, ReleaseOwl ensures a faster go-to-market with increased reliability.
70% Reduced downtime of your SAP production environment
Reduced Downtime is critical to business both in terms of customer experience as well as employee confidence and productivity. ReleaseOwl, with its early warning system for developers ensure early defect detection. The backup and roll-back feature will ensure that any downtime is recovered quickly.
Continuous delivery of SAP Applications
ReleaseOwl has well-defined DevOps workflows for SAP Applications. Automated Transport Management with sequencing, dependency checks for SAP on-premise, GIT and MTAR deployments for S/4 Hana Cloud, and Automated Deployment, backup and rollback for SAP CPI are supported out-of-the-box with ReleaseOwl.
Seamless release management
Release Management is often a highly collaborated effort involving multiple stakeholders at various stages of Release. With ReleaseOwl, you can set up orchestrated workflows with approval process, config tracking, and automated deployments ensuring seamless release management for the SAP landscape.
Deployment, backup and rollback of SAP Integration Suite
ReleaseOwl is the first DevOps platform offering support for backup and rollback of CPI content. If your team is developing SAP CPI content with IFlows and ValueMaps, ReleaseOwl will provide the Code versioning, automated packaging and deployments, backup and rollback support for your CPI content.
Testing, compliance and audit trail
ReleaseOwl has rich capabilities for Validation, Unit Testing and Code Coverage as part of transport management. Integrations with SonarQube, ATC, CPILint ( SAP CPI ) will ensure higher compliance at source. Audit trail is enabled for deployment and approval process across SAP landscape.
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • SAP Extension Suite and/or SAP Integration Suite
ReleaseOwl Private Limited
ReleaseOwl is a SaaS-based enterprise software delivery company with a mission to help companies accelerate their SAP adoption, release faster with lesser risk and produce higher reliability using its rich DevOps suite designed and built natively for SAP.
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