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Become more data-driven with the AI-first search analytics engine for your data
Askdata for SAP HANA
byAskdata inc
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Benefits and Features
Unlock the power of your data
Less than 10% of end business users access to data daily. Empower your business users with the easiest way to leverage data: Natural Language.
Actionable Insights
Askdata connects the dots across all your data sources and software, providing AI-generated actionable business insights that are built around specific company's KPIs.
Read, Like, Share, Automate Cards
The answers are shown through a very easy to read knowledge card. It is the best way to consult and leverage data. Data information can be easily shared across the organization and automated to run daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
Data Integration
Askdata allows connecting various data sources including SAP HANA and Relational/non-relational databases. The data integration is straightforward through over 500 different native connectors.
Highly Scalable and Easy to Deploy
Askdata platform is based on microservices and it is highly scalable. Askdata can be deployed on the cloud or on-premise
Truly Multichannel
Askdata is a truly multichannel experience: the platform is available on iOS, Android, Web. Additionally, it can be used on Slack, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Google Assistant and Alexa through its native integrations.
Centralized AI Model
Askdata's centralized AI-model keeps learning from all the users, becoming more and more precise over-time. Askdata uses AI to predict and execute data queries.
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Free Demo
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
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Askdata inc
Askdata's mission is to make data productive for everyone.
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