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Uncover opportunities & avoid risk with insight into business partner networks
Palturai MyPlatform
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Benefits and Features
Increase up and cross selling potential and speed sales cycles
Identify hidden sales potential in the connections of business partners. Speed sales cycles with shortest paths to reach real decision makers and improve lead generation via warm introductions. Be better prepared for successful customer appointments with our comprehensive profile data.
Reduce risks in new business and fraud cases
Easily detect risk and reduce cost impact of payment defaults, penalties or fraud. Potential risk factors become transparent companywide. Use automatic warnings, mark trouble spots, and view profile details like insolvency status and connections to risky countries.
Save time and costs to meet regulatory requirements
Save research time and reduce risk of penalties with smart algorithms and efficient processes. Palturai provides transparency with easy-to-understand company structure diagrams and details about individuals. Fulfill regulatory needs with automatically calculated UBO and predefined documentation.
Network Graph Visualization
See network connections between companies and persons that differentiate between decision-makers, shareholders and contractual relationships. Analyze current and historical relations and apply filters to facilitate research. Easily expand networks to see previously hidden relationships.
Company Structure Diagram (including UBO)
Simplify ownership and shareholder structure in large, complex organizations as relationships visualized in tree diagrams expandable by clicking on selected nodes. Smart algorithms provide transparency into relationships such as ultimate beneficial owner, visible with a click across several levels.
Shortest Paths / Connection Check
Intelligent rule sets use your personal contacts and network relationships to reveal shortest paths to target customers or selected business partners. Connections among companies and people become more understandable. Salespeople benefit from warm leads and introductions.
Company & Person Profile including Monitoring
Company profiles with up to 11 data categories, include master data, network relationships and risk information displayed in clear tables, charts and geomaps. Individual profiles detail career, investment, and network risks, and provide contact network details. Automatic change notifications.
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Plans and Pricing
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Price upon request
Proof of Concept (POC)
We recommend you perform a 3-months trial POC for a specific use case like sales, risk & fraud, compliance, or research
Our technical and business consulting team guides you through the trial
In the trial, we match your business partner data, integrate it into Palturai BusinessGraph and identify the benefits
The trial POC will speed up future implementation of the on-premise solution
When you order the full on-premise Palturai MyPlatform, the POC flat rate will be applied
Includes 10 Users
Palturai MyPlatform
Price upon request
Palturai MyPlatform
Initial delivery and regular updates of Palturai BusinessGraph's international data
All features included (e.g. Business Data Manager, Network Graph, Company Structure, Ultimate Beneficial Owner, Shortest Path)
Unlimited Users Included
Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
Palturai is a pioneer in graph intelligence technology with locations in Germany, Poland, Austria, and the USA. Palturai solutions allow organizations to break down data silos and mine their own networks for opportunities, risks and trends so they can ...
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