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Manage your Reference Data with ease
Reference Data Management (RDM)
byItego GmbH
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Benefits and Features
Reduced Business Risks
Poorly maintained Reference Data can lead to several commercial risks, e.g. spoiled goods and inefficient storage. Address this pain-point with Itego RDM.
Reliable and Flexible Business Processes
High quality of your Reference Data will allow for reliable and flexible business processes. It also means speeding up your processes especially in Sales, Purchasing, Logistics and Finance.
Reduce Costs when Connecting IT Systems
Different systems that rely on different Reference Data are hard to connect to each other. By harmonizing your Reference Data, connecting systems becomes way easier.
Supported Reference Data Object Types
Our solution Itego Refernce Data Management (RDM) supports the most important reference data object types, such as material group, exchange rates, country key and many others.
Preconfigured Workflows
Itego delivers several standard-roles and rule-based workflows with RDM. Requester, Data Specialist and Data Steward Roles will keep your reference data quality high and the rule-based workflows can easily be adapted to your needs.
Maintain exchange rates correctly
Exchange rates are volatile, this makes exchange rates a unique kind of Reference Data. Create, change, import or export multiple exchange rates with Itego RDM.
Professionalize your payments
Payment terms decide on successful business deal. With our solution Itego Reference Data Management (RDM) you can easily harmonize and maintain your payment terms.
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RDM for your Business
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Proof of Concept Edition
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
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