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Perform Security Audits of Your SAP System
byWerth IT
Solution Types
Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
SAP NetWeaver, SAP ERP
Benefits and Features
Zero Footprint
No changes in SAP system required. No need for custom ABAP or Agent install. The setup requires only one SAP user with the included authorizations.
Get audit results really fast Instead of days or weeks of manual testing, the check takes place within minutes to a few hours.
Usage friendly
Easy to use with an intuitive GUI. No need of special security knownledge to check your systems. Enter the target system and connections to this, select the scope of the check and the first audit can start.
Full overview of system security
WerthAUDITOR verifi es the secure confi guration, the SAP user permissions, the Patch level, the ABAP code, the security-related events in the audit log and checks the SAP ser- vices for weaknesses. In addition, the security of the operating system and the database can be checked, too.
Automated audits
Manual scans of a SAP system takes days. The automated audit with the werthAUDITOR replaces this approach and provides nearly in real time easy understandable audit reports. Individual audits as well as a continuous monitoring can be automated with the WerthAUDITOR.
Meaningful reports
Extensive and detailed reports for management and departments are just a click away. Step-by-step instructions to minimize risks are integrated. Several report types are availa- ble: The SoD matrix displays which users have which critical authorizations and combina- tions. The comparison report sho More
Simplified usage
WerthAUDITOR is easy to install. No changes to the SAP system are needed. Highly intu- itive audit execution in only three steps: 1. Automatic target detectio. 2. Prepared audit templates for each audit case. 3. Audit execution with report generation. For the audit user an authorization role is au More
Plans and Pricing
Small/Medium Business Starter
Small/Medium Business Starter
License duration: 12 Month, Number of included Scan-Targets: 1 SID
Includes unlimited User
Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • SAP NetWeaver
Werth IT
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