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Be proactive, not reactive with your Orders/Inventory.
Resolv Inventory Planning
byAchieveIT Solutions Inc.
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SAP Business One
Benefits and Features
Inventory monitoring
Monitoring inventory based upon min/max settings, stocking methods, Safety Stock calculations, Seasonal Trends, and Forecasting. You can monitor surplus or slow moving items as well as fast moving, in demand items.
Tracking Inventory
Tracking Inventory based on monthly usage, lead time for production and purchasing, tracking movement classes by warehouse.
Be proactive, not reactive with your inventory!
Determining when to procure stock items, and how much of each one to order is essential to every business. Inventory Planning provides three different approaches, allowing different methods to be used per items groups or different sectors of the business.
Material Requirement Planning
This is the standard Business One supply management methodology. It includes the ability to include open Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, and Production Orders, as well as user-defined Forecasts to determine demand and supply over a pre-defined period of time.
This Resolv methodology is based on the formulas developed by Gordon Graham. It bases estimates of future demand on averages of past usage, lead times, and other factors calculated by the system.
This Resolv methodology is based on a set of formulas developed by Effective Inventory Management, Inc. They incorporate various trends and weighted averages along with past usage to predict demand. Forecasts are calculated by the system
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Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • SAP Business One
AchieveIT Solutions Inc.
Achieve IT Solutions is a Gold Level Partner for SAP and publisher of Resolv, a comprehensive suite of distribution, logistics and warehouse management solutions developed specifically for SAP Business One. The professional staff of Achieve IT Solutio...
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