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Helping Operators Excel
Virtual Assistant for Manufacturing
Solution Types
Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
Industry Cloud, SAP S/4HANA
Benefits and Features
Improved Quality
Human Error Prevention / Traceability / Rework and Scrap Reduction / Warranty and Replacement elimination
Improved Efficiency
First Time Right / Lot Size Flexibility / Workforce Flexibility
Supporting Human Capital
Multi Skilled Operators / Shortened Learning Curve / Skill Dependent Guidance / Reassurance of Performance
Dynamic Projected Instructions
The HIM provides the employee with real-time picking and assembly instructions through Augmented Reality and warns in case of any error in an forward-looking manner. HIM uses red, yellow, and blue light cues, for example, to show operators what they should do, in what order they should do it, and wh More
Sensor Validation
The smart sensor validates correct execution of picking and assembly tasks and ensures qualitative performance by preventing human errors. The system looks over employees’ shoulders and thinks along with them as they perform tasks. If something goes wrong, the system alerts operators and gives them  More
Hardware Integrations
Integration with Smart Tooling, Machinery, PLC, etc. For example, by integrating HIM with your smart tooling, the operators’ screwdriver refuses to turn on for the wrong screw and assures the torque level that needs to be applied on the correct screw.
Software Integrations
Integration with the environment of the workstation for optimal order information and traceability: MES, ERP, … Arkite HIM has already been integrated successfully with SAP ERP, SAP production orders, and SAP materials management.
Plans and Pricing
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All Plans include
Operator Guidance by AR
Process validation by a 3D sensor
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Free Trial
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1 Month max. contract duration
Standard Edition
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Standard Edition
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Includes unlimited Products
Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • Industry Cloud
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