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An Employee Benefits Marketplace
byDigital Lights
Solution Types
Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP Extension Suite and/or SAP Integration Suite
Benefits and Features
Manage Corporate Benefits
An easy way to manage & scale corporate benefits.
Perks Anywhere, Any Time
Employees are enabled to use their corporate benefits anywhere, any time.
Win New Customers
Merchants can reach out to countless number of employees and win them as new customers.
Browse Perks
As an Employee, Perks.Camp give you an instant access to countless number of perks which you can take advantage of. Browse the special perks which your Company got from the Merchants around you in order to be always up to date with the possible savings.
Submit Perks
As a Merchant, with Perks.Camp you can select a given target Company and offer special perks its Employees in order to win them as customers.
Manage Perks
As a Company, you can define authorised representatives (e. g. HR Managers) who can manage the perks given (accept / decline / negotiate) and ensure that the best ones reach the Employees.
Perks Usage & Analytics
Key Company representatives (like HR Admins and Managers) are enabled to know which are the perks appreciated by their colleagues, how are they rated and which are the most leveraged perks.
More Features
Plans and Pricing
Platform Edition
Price upon request
Platform Edition
Includes unlimited User
1 Month max. contract duration
Technical Information
The information contained in this section is provided by the publisher.
Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • SAP Commerce Cloud
  • SAP Extension Suite and/or SAP Integration Suite
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