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Gain a Personal Relationship With Each Individual Customer at Scale
myWave.AI Intelligent Personalization Platform
byMyWave Pty Limited
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Benefits and Features
Increase Revenue and NPS
Increase Revenue and NPS by treating every customer like you know them personally across any channel. MyWave.AI understands what your customer wants and delivers an Intelligent Personalised outcome leveraging the investments you have already made in Operational Data and Experience Data
Improve ROI on Marketing
Improve Marketing ROI by learning your customer preferences with context on what the customer has done before, what they are doing now and knowing their intent of what they want to do next, MyWave.AI can dynamically offer relevant offers or advertising along with Intelligent cross and up-sell.
Reduce the Cost to Serve while Improving Customer Service
Reduce the Cost to Serve. MyWave.AI enables significant call deflection and lower call handling time as the Call Centre Agent has full context of what the customer has done before and the outcome they want. Customer's can easily get the outcomes they need in a personalized way.
Understand Your Customer's Intent With Context
MyWave.AI uses Natural Language intent to deliver the outcome the customer wants with the context of what the customer has done before and what they want to do next. Combines O Data, X Data and Intelligent Personal Data to drive dynamic processes, personalised to the individual
Unique Contextual Interactions With Each Customer
Leverages Neural Nets, Algorithms, Personal Data and your Business Rules to dynamically deliver a personalised path or process the customer takes to get to an outcome. Also makes use of Qualtrics sentiment Experience Data personalising the 'tone' and outcome for a happy or unhappy customer
Build Contextual Memory
Personal clouds act as “virtual brains” that remember everything, including past interactions, purchases, refunds, and intent. They continuously learn about the individual they serve to improve quality of service, anticipate needs, make better recommendations and interact more authentically
Proactively Engage in a Personalized Way
MyWave.AI delivers proactive outcomes for your customers, allows you to automate tasks. Remembers what you have done before contextually to achieve your outcome in a single step
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Starter Edition
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • SAP Commerce Cloud
  • SAP Extension Suite and/or SAP Integration Suite
  • Industry Cloud
MyWave Pty Limited
MyWave.AI delivers Intelligent Personalisation by powerfully combining AI, Personal Data and Proactive Automation to make every product or service centred on the individual customer. MyWave.AI unlocks Operational Data and Experience Data combined with...
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