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Full Truck Load visibility for the SAP Logistics Business Network
Predictive and Real-Time Visibility Platform
Solution Types
APIs and Technical Components
Works with
Industry Cloud, SAP Logistics Business Network
Benefits and Features
Retail: Keep shelves full and optimize in-store operations
Quickly anticipate problems and proactively communicate with Point-of-Sale teams to streamline on-site operations, ensure on shelf availability of goods, and drive sales.
CPG: Increase customer satisfaction and reduce penalties
Improve customer satisfaction and reduce penalties by quickly identifying problems and proactively communicating with your customers before they are impacted.
Automotive: Run a more agile and responsive Just-In-Time production line
Quickly anticipating at-risk deliveries and compromised inventory helps you cost-efficiently plan emergency deliveries to prevent production line halts.
Onboard your carriers on Shippeo's network
Shippeo’s unique automated carrier onboarding approach has achieved a 98% carrier satisfaction rate by focusing on speed and quality, leveraging automation and providing a dedicated support team
Anticipate problems before they disrupt operations
Shippeo's proprietary ETA algorithm uses machine-learning for exceptional accuracy and allows you to quickly anticipate problems. Predictions help you efficiently manage exceptions and mitigate their impact.
Improve your supply chain's performance
Shippeo gives you clear insights into your transportation operations, helping you make better, data-driven decisions. We aggregate precise delivery information so you can reliably measure delivery performance, do unequivocal root-cause analysis, and uncover areas of improvement.
Communicate instantly with all stakeholders
Shippeo helps you improve customer satisfaction and optimize team collaboration by letting your internal users and your customers know well in advance the real-time status and predictive ETA of their deliveries.
Plans and Pricing
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Edition Details
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Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • APIs and Technical Components
Works with
  • Industry Cloud
  • SAP Logistics Business Network
Shippeo, the leading European visibility specialist is tracking over 2.5 million trucks in 70 countries for 70 customers. Integrated with more than 700 types of data connections, incl. truck telematics and carrier TMS, the platform uses a machine-learn...
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