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Managed File Transfer Functionality
WHINT FileReader Adapter (PI/PO) GmbH
Solution Types
APIs and Technical Components
Works with
SAP Process Orchestration
Benefits and Features
Read Files through Receiver Channel
Read Files from NFS/FTP/SFTP through a receiver channel to allow event-driven integration.
Read files without deletion
Avoid the deletion of files and keep things as they are in the 3rd party systems.
Configurate Scenarios
A simple integration allows you to easily configurate scnearios a receiver FileReader channel.
Do Queries Synchronously and Asynchronously
As synchronously the file is returned to the sender directly as a response message and as asynchronously the file can be sent to any receiver by using the RequestResponseBean.
Select between NFS and S(FTP)
Select one of the following transport protocols: NFS – to connect with a local or network file system directory and (S)FTP – to connect with an FTP or SSH server.
Set the Value of a Dynamic Configuration Value
DC value is also known as Adapter Specific Message Attribute (ASMA). You can build the name by putting it together from a) existing DC values, b) by accessing the XML payload using an XPATH or c) constantsWHINT DynamicQueue Writer, able to set the EOIO Queue/Sequence Id by putting it together from e More
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Edition Details
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Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • APIs and Technical Components
Works with
  • SAP Process Orchestration
Publisher GmbH
Whitepaper InterfaceDesign was founded on June 24th, 2014 by Adam Kiwon in Langenhagen, Germany. We are experts in SAP Middleware (especially PI / PO / CPI) and support our customers on their way to integration excellence .
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