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Build an Exceptional Data Quality Culture Throughout All of Your IT Processes
Master Data Online (MDO)
Solution Types
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Benefits and Features
Clean, Consistent and Validated Master Data
MDO comes with built-in Data Governance & Data Quality frameworks. Data is governed through a workflow mechanism & validated according to business rules that you define.
Business User Driven Rules for New & Legacy Master Data
Setup Artificial Intelligence (AI) based business rules using machine learning models. The rule engine supports both new record maintenance and existing master data.
Single Source of Truth for Master Data
MDO ensures accurate master data is available for consumption by multiple backend systems. Master Data change history and audit trails are maintained for reference.
MRO Standardization & Governance for Spare Parts
MDO for Spare Parts helps you to manage equipment and assets. Its unique description generator helps you to generate a 40-character short description using pre-defined nouns & modifier content, allowing you to keep descriptions standardized & consistent along with de-duplication.
Enterprise Asset Management
MDO delivers data governance & process automation, across all EAM data objects like Functional Location, Equipment, Bill of Material, Task Lists, Maintenance Plans, Measurement Points. It seamlessly integrates with any asset management solution, resulting in a strong collaboration solution.
Business Partner Management
MDO features customer and vendor onboarding forms, which can be integrated into the governance environment. Auto-notifications, alerts, and mobile approval are available at all stages. Data protection features include personnel data privacy compliance and support of the right to be forgotten.
Data Collaboration with Governance
The MDO Fuse platform is a data driven business platform for enterprise customers with a reliable data capture mechanism based on automation & intelligence. It is a framework with set of pre-defined processes or custom processes which can be easily configured.
More Features
Plans and Pricing
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All Plans include
Material, Customer & Vendor Masters Active Data Governance
SAP Cloud Platform Integration – 1 Connection
Includes MDO QA environment
For 14 Day(s)
Subset automation of Creation Process of either Material / Customer / Vendor Master
Setup on Prospecta POC instance only
Optional Integration setup: in Prospecta SAP landscape only
Includes 5 User
14 Day max. contract duration
Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • SAP Extension Suite and/or SAP Integration Suite
Prospecta is one of the key players in Enterprise Data Management market. Started in 2002 with niche services around enterprise customers for data & automation, it has now evolved as one of the leading data players globally with its flagship product MDO.
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