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Enhance Operational Agility – Now
OpsVeda Operational Intelligence
byOpsVeda, Inc.
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Benefits and Features
Gain 2% operating margin improvement
AI-infused insights and visibility to increase revenue, inventory levels, and run operations efficiently. OpsVeda delivers predictive visibility into opportunities, risks, process exceptions and metrics, to business users across supply management, manufacturing, logistics and retail operations.
Recapture 10-20% of Revenue and Margin leakage
Manage by Exceptions - show users a prioritized view of what needs attention. Support scale with automated visibility and collaboration across stakeholders.
Enhance Efficiency & Scale by 30% or more
Real time preventive view into allocations, fill rates, cancellations, rejections, blocks. Enhanced on time delivery and accuracy metrics. The solution provides visibility across process steps, leading to reduced lead times, increased savings and improved customer satisfaction.
About Implementation
OpsVeda is deployed in the cloud in as few as 30 days. Customers can optionally leverage integration adapters in their ERP systems or utilize APIs to connect their supply chain and legacy data to OpsVeda. The solution provides flexibility to address unique process definitions, KPIs and cycle times.
Hear the story of your operations as said by your data. See the patterns, anomalies and inconsistencies. Know the pitfalls and identify areas that need your attention.
OpsVeda’s algorithms will identify opportunities and risks where action can be taken to augment revenue or reduce costs. Well defined processes streamline activities that keep the business running. But, processes also overlook many fringe situations resulting in revenue & margin leakages.
Automation makes it easy for users to act on OpsVeda’s prescriptions. These actions include transaction updates in another system, communication to a customer or vendor or internal sharing of information. OpsVeda supports both Bot and API based automation.
Plans and Pricing
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All Plans include
Free Trial
Starter Pack
Term Subscription
Test drive with non-production data. Explore possibilities.
For 30 Day(s)
Test drive with non-production data. Explore possibilities.
$0 for 30 days
Sandbox with demo data
Evaluation License
File Integration
JUNI (Virtual Data Assistant) Configurator - Trial User
Get data download, and a summary pdf deliverable at end of trial.
Includes 1 User
30 Day max. contract duration
Discover your productive data, business processes. Explore
Per Month
Discover your productive data, business processes. Explore
Starting at $4,995 / month. First 30 days on us.
Process Discovery. Process Optimization. True-up subscription sizing after 6 months.
Productive Pilot License
Various Integration
1 JUNI(Virtual Data Assistant) configurator included
Get data download, and a summary deliverable with all licensee storyboards, findings and insights in xls/ppt/pdf format.
Automated alerts, actions, bots
Price upon request
Automated alerts, actions, bots
Request Quote
1/3/5 year terms, with term discounts. Visibility, Optimization & Automation.
Term Subscription License
Various, including real-time streaming adapters
Juni(Virtual Data Assistant), per License
Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
OpsVeda, Inc.
OpsVeda, an operational intelligence software company, makes business operations immensely agile using patented technology & AI-powered automation. OpsVeda solutions deliver predictive visibility & prescriptive automation regarding opportunities, risks...
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